On May 19, 2012 Mark Zuckerberg changed his sentimental situation on Facebook. And he did not choose the ambiguous option of “It’s complicated”, but the founder of the world’s most famous social network passed without hesitation to the state of “Married.” The lucky one? Priscilla Chan, his girlfriend since Harvard and responsible for the professional success of the entrepreneur. So much so that without her, today Zuckerberg would not be half as powerful as he is.

Because they may be millionaires now, but when Mark and Priscilla met in the queue at a college party, they did it on equal terms: like two more students. “He was the classic nerd kid with little world , ” Priscilla told David Kirkpatrick, author of The Facebook Effect, remembering that moment when they were first.

In fact, it was she who took the initiative with a phrase of high poetic flight: “Instead of talking to you, you should be studying for semester exams,” he said. The occurrence worked, since since then they have not been separated again. Those who know them well say they have too much in common: they are methodical, obsessive, and extremely rational. Such for what.

So much so that, according to Kirkpatrick, Priscilla “was always and always will be an important part of Facebook,” although she is not part of the staff of the company. In fact, while her husband never graduated, when she finished medical school she already had a degree in biology from Harvard University (2007), which led her to accept a job as a science teacher in a primary school Saint Joseph.

A job that in his Facebook profile described as “spending time with the little ones, trying to explain how the world works.” Nothing further from the sophisticated life that we all assumed for being Zuckerberg’s girlfriend. And it was not a question of posture. Instead of exclusive places, Priscilla was often seen at Trader Joe’s in Palo Alto, a cheap version of organic grocery store, with flip-flops and long skirts where people would only notice her when accompanied by her Famous future husband.

It was still a couple of years before the President of the United States received them, although in 2007 they had already been invited to the White House correspondent dinner, an event that Priscilla commented, as it could not be otherwise, on her profile Of the social network with a “Today my boy has put on shoes!”. Mania on her husband to go with a sweatshirt everywhere, Priscilla has an opinion and is informed the presenter Savannah Guthrie. “They are always clean and have improved considerably over time. I’m very pro. “.


On his wedding day Mark also donned loafers. He was 28 years old. Ella, 27. The simple ceremony took place in the courtyard of her house and the guests enjoyed a Mexican $ 7.50 covered and a much more expensive Japanese restaurant of Palo Alto’s best Japanese restaurant. It was said that Marc had been a little stingy with the engagement ring, which instead of a diamond had a ruby and had been designed by himself, though jewelry experts settled speculation pricing the jewel at $ 25,000. For the dress, of an unknown firm of Denver and valued in only 4,700 dollars, the defenders of the young tycoon did not find valid excuses.

When they were married, they had been engaged for twelve years. A very productive time for the couple, who not only had founded Facebook, but had already bought Instagram and continued browsing the market. For example, a few years later would fall Whatsapp, and this week, Masquerade. This business growth, however, did not substantially change their routines. In fact, a year before her wedding Priscilla had an expert at home who once taught her then boyfriend how to kill animals without making them suffer. All because Zuckerberg had set out to consume only the living animals he was capable of killing with his own hands. It was 2011, and from the adjoining courtyard, several Stanford students spied their classes.

Sometime later they moved to a place with more privacy where they can continue to overcome challenges. One of them was to learn Mandarin to basically talk to the grandmother of her girl, the daughter of Chinese immigrants and one of those rare avis that does not forget its origins. Because Priscilla, who likes to keep a profile lower than her husband, defines herself as “a simple creature” despite speaking English, Spanish and Cantonese. A woman capable of revealing secrets of her private life if there is a good cause in between. So, for example, we learned that before having your baby you had three miscarriages. He told everything to encourage women who had been through a similar situation to not throw in the towel. He also recognizes that he likes to cook and “soft things”, although we do not know what he means.

They also say that she is the intellectual author of the intense philanthropic activity of Facebook, especially the last million dollar donation (99% of the shares of Facebook) who announced in a letter to Max, her newborn daughter: “We do not only Because we love you but because we have a responsibility to the next generations. ” Apparently all these ideas are set on her dining table and she regrets that we can not all that we can see Mark with his eyes: “It’s a shame that people can not appreciate the funny Mark I know.”
Well, we’ll try again, Priscilla