A few days ago Mark Zuckerberg turned 32, and is the sixth richest person in the world according to the Forbes Global Rich List 2016, with an estimated 44.6 billion dollars.

His wealth began with Facebook, an initiative that since 2008 and at 23 years of age has positioned him as the youngest billionaire in the world. The founder of the social network has an interesting life and here we tell you some curious facts about him that you probably do not know.

1. $ 1 salary

The most curious fact is that Zuckerberg receives $ 1 of salary as president of Facebook.

2. Facebook is blue because Mark is color blind

Facebook is blue because Mark is colorblind, and he does not distinguish red and / or green colors, the only one that can see well is blue.

3. Do not have TV?

Zuckerberg was born into a Jewish family but he considers himself an atheist. And according to Business Insider, Zuckerberg has no TV.

4. Know Mandarin

Mark learned Mandarin in 2010 to be able to communicate with his girlfriend Priscilla Chan in his native language, as well as with her relatives.

5. Career truncates

He left his truncated career of Harvard University to dedicate to develop full-time Facebook

6. Is a vegetarian

He became a vegetarian in 2011, declaring that he would only eat meat from animals that killed himself.

7. Your Engagement Ring

He designed the engagement ring he gave to his wife, Priscilla Chan

8. Taylor Swift Fan

He is a fan of Taylor Swift’s music, as her Facebook profile marks.

9. Microsoft and AOL

When he was in high school Microsoft and AOL wanted to hire him when he designed a program called Synapse, which used artificial intelligence to know what music they liked to listen to users.

10. Your Dog Beast

It has a Hungarian shepherd dog called Beast, and has its own Facebook page with more than 2 million followers.

11. Mark can not be blocked

And even if you try, Mark Zuckerberg can not be blocked, try and see what happens.

12. Patents

It has about 50 patents in its name, the first of which was in November 2004 when it patented the program Synapse Media Player.

13. Zucknet

By the age of 13 Mark had already designed a basic computer program for his family called “Zucknet”, which allowed them to send instant messages between the computers of family members

14. Your Business Card

Your business card says: “I am the president, bitch”

15. Princely

His close friends call him ‘Zuck’ while his mother says ‘Princely’.